Since v3.2

Implements the TransitionInterpolator interface. Designed to use with the transitionInterpolator prop of InteractiveMap.

This interpolator offers similar behavior to Mapbox's flyTo method.

import ReactMapGL, {FlyToInterpolator} from 'react-map-gl';

    transitionInterpolator={new FlyToInterpolator()} />


new FlyToInterpolator([options])


  • options {Object} (optional)
    • curve (Number, optional, default: 1.414) - The zooming "curve" that will occur along the flight path.
    • speed (Number, optional, default: 1.2) - The average speed of the animation defined in relation to options.curve, it linearly affects the duration, higher speed returns smaller durations and vice versa.
    • screenSpeed (Number, optional) - The average speed of the animation measured in screenfuls per second. Similar to opts.speed it linearly affects the duration, when specified opts.speed is ignored.
    • maxDuration (Number, optional) - Maximum duration in milliseconds, if calculated duration exceeds this value, 0 is returned.