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React component that wraps the base library's Marker class (Mapbox | Maplibre).

import * as React from 'react';
import Map, {Marker} from 'react-map-gl';

function App() {
return <Map
mapboxAccessToken="<Mapbox access token>"
longitude: -100,
latitude: 40,
zoom: 3.5
<Marker longitude={-100} latitude={40} anchor="bottom" >
<img src="./pin.png" />

If Marker is mounted with child components, then its content will be rendered to the specified location. If it is mounted with no content, then a default marker will be used.


Reactive Properties

draggable: boolean

Default: false

If true, the marker is able to be dragged to a new position on the map.

latitude: number

Required. The latitude of the anchor location.

longitude: number

Required. The longitude of the anchor location.

offset: PointLike

Default: null

The offset in pixels as a PointLike object to apply relative to the element's center. Negatives indicate left and up.

pitchAlignment: 'map' | 'viewport' | 'auto'

Default: 'auto'

  • map aligns the Marker to the plane of the map.
  • viewport aligns the Marker to the plane of the viewport.
  • auto automatically matches the value of rotationAlignment.

An instance of the Popup class (Mapbox | Maplibre) to attach to this marker. If undefined or null, any popup set on this Marker instance is unset.

rotation: number

Default: 0

The rotation angle of the marker in degrees, relative to its rotationAlignment setting. A positive value will rotate the marker clockwise.

rotationAlignment: 'map' | 'viewport' | 'auto'

Default: 'auto'

  • map aligns the Marker's rotation relative to the map, maintaining a bearing as the map rotates.
  • viewport aligns the Marker's rotation relative to the viewport, agnostic to map rotations.
  • auto is equivalent to viewport.

style: CSSProperties

CSS style override that applies to the marker's container.


onClick: (evt: MapEvent) => void

Called when the marker is clicked on.

onDragStart: (evt: MarkerDragEvent) => void

Called when dragging starts, if draggable is true.

onDrag: (evt: MarkerDragEvent) => void

Called while dragging, if draggable is true.

onDragEnd: (evt: MarkerDragEvent) => void

Called when dragging ends, if draggable is true.

Other Properties

The properties in this section are not reactive. They are only used when the component first mounts.

Any options supported by the Marker class (Mapbox | Maplibre), such as

  • anchor
  • color
  • scale
  • clickTolerance


The underlying native Marker instance is accessible via a React ref hook. You may use it to call any imperative methods:

import * as React from 'react';
import {useRef, useMemo, useCallback} from 'react';
import Map, {Marker} from 'react-map-gl';
import mapboxgl from 'mapbox-gl';

function App() {
const markerRef = useRef<mapboxgl.Marker>();

const popup = useMemo(() => {
return mapboxgl.Popup().setText('Hello world!');
}, [])

const togglePopup = useCallback(() => {
}, []);

return <>
<Marker longitude={-122.4} latitude={37.8} color="red" popup={popup} ref={markerRef} />
<button onClick={togglePopup}>Toggle popup</button>