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Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

PRs and bug reports are welcome, and we are actively looking for new maintainers.

Setting Up Dev Environment

The master branch is the active development branch.

Building react-map-gl locally from the source requires node.js >=8. We use yarn to manage the dependencies.

git checkout master
yarn bootstrap
yarn test


$ yarn test

Test in Node:

$ yarn test node

Test in browser (can use Chrome dev tools for debugging):

$ yarn test browser

Pull Requests

Any intended change to the code base must open a pull request and be approved.

Generally speaking, all PRs are open against the master branch, unless the feature being affected no longer exists on master.

PR Checklist

  • Tests

  • yarn test must be successful.

    • New code should be covered by unit tests whenever possible.
  • Documentation

    • If public APIs are added/modified, update component documentation in docs/api-reference.
    • Breaking changes and deprecations must be added to docs/
    • Noteworthy new features should be added to docs/
  • Description on GitHub

    • Link to relevant issue.
    • Label with a milestone (latest release or vNext).
    • If public APIs are added/modified, describe the intended behavior.
    • If visual/interaction is affected, consider attaching a screenshot/GIF.


react-map-gl follows the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Steps for publishing releases can be found here.

Community Governance is part of the Urban Computing Foundation. See the organization's Technical Charter.

Technical Steering Committee

react-map-gl development is governed by the Technical Steering Committee (TSC).


Maintainers of react-map-gl have commit access to this GitHub repository, and take part in the decision making process.

If you are interested in becoming a maintainer, read the governance guidelines.

The TSC meets monthly and publishes meeting notes via a mailing list. This mailing list can also be utilized to reach out to the TSC.

Code of Conduct

Please be mindful of and adhere to the Linux Foundation's Code of Conduct when contributing to react-map-gl.