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<AdvancedMarker> Component

A component to add an AdvancedMarkerElement to a map. By default, an AdvancedMarker will appear as a balloon-shaped, red maps-pin at the specified position on the map, but the appearance of the markers can be fully customized.


The AdvancedMarker can only be used on maps using cloud-based map styling (i.e. the Map-component has a mapId specified).


By default, the marker will be rendered as the default red balloon pin. This can be customized in two ways: by specifying custom colors, an icon and such via a Pin component, or by creating the complete marker with html/css (images, svg, animations are all supported).

For this, the AdvancedMarker component optionally accepts child components that will be rendered instead of the default pin-element on the map, making it possible to create simple labels and infowindows with it.

import {AdvancedMarker} from './advanced-marker';

<Map {...mapProps}>
{/* red default marker */}
<AdvancedMarker position={{lat: 29.5, lng: -81.2}} />

{/* customized green marker */}
<AdvancedMarker position={{lat: 29.5, lng: -81.2}}>

{/* fully customized marker */}
<AdvancedMarker position={{lat: 29.5, lng: -81.2}}>
<img src={markerImage} width={32} height={32} />

When anything other than a Pin component is specified for the marker, a div element (the "content element") will be created and the children will be rendered into that content element via a portal. The style and className props can be used to configure the styling of this content element.


When custom html is specified, the marker will be positioned such that the position on the map is at the bottom center of the content-element. If you need it positioned differently, you can use css-transforms on the content element. For example, to have the anchor point in the top-left corner of the marker (the transform can also be applied via a css class and specified as className):

<AdvancedMarker position={...} style={{transform: 'translate(50%, 100%)'}}>


The AdvancedMarker component supports most of the options in google.maps.marker.AdvancedMarkerElementOptions as props, as well as a couple of others that are specific to React.


There are no strictly required props for the AdvancedMarker component, but – for obvious reasons – the position has to be set for the marker to be shown on the map.

Content Props

className: string

A className to be added to the content-element. Since the content-element isn't created when using the default-pin, this option is only available when using custom HTML markers.

style: CSSProperties

Additional style-rules to apply to the content-element. Since the content-element isn't created when using the default-pin, this option is only available when using custom HTML markers.

title: string

The title of the marker. If provided, an accessibility text (e.g. for use with screen readers) will be added to the AdvancedMarkerElement with the provided value.

Positioning Props

position: google.maps.LatLngLiteral | google.maps.LatLngAltitudeLiteral

The position of the marker. For maps with tilt enabled, an AdvancedMarker can also be placed at an altitude using the {lat: number, lng: number, altitude: number} format.

zIndex: number

All markers are displayed on the map in order of their zIndex, with higher values in front of lower values.

By default, AdvancedMarkers are displayed according to their vertical position on screen, with lower AdvancedMarkerElements appearing in front of AdvancedMarkerElements farther up the screen.


The zIndex is also used to help determine relative priority between multiple markers when using collision behavior CollisionBehavior.OPTIONAL_AND_HIDES_LOWER_PRIORITY. A higher zIndex value indicates higher priority.

collisionBehavior: CollisionBehavior

Defines how the marker behaves when it collides with another marker or with the basemap labels on a vector map. Specified as one of the CollisionBehaviour constants.

Collision between multiple markers works on both raster and vector maps; however, hiding labels and default-markers of the base map to make room for the markers will only work on vector maps.


You should always import the CollisionBehavior enum from the package instead of using the google.maps.CollisionBehavior constants. This will help avoid problems with using the constants before the maps API has finished loading.

import {AdvancedMarker, CollisionBehavior} from '';

// ...


See the documentation on Marker Collision Management for more information.

Other Props

clickable: boolean

Controls if the marker should be clickable. If true, the marker will be clickable and will be interactive for accessibility purposes (e.g., allowing keyboard navigation via arrow keys).

By default, this will automatically be set to true when the onClick prop is specified.

draggable: boolean

Controls if the marker can be repositioned by dragging.

By default, this will be set to true if any of the corresponding event-handlers (onDragStart, onDrag, onDragEnd) are specified.


Dragging is only available in 2D. Markers that have an altitude specified in the position can't be dragged.


onClick: (e: google.maps.marker.AdvancedMarkerClickEvent) => void

This event is fired when the marker is clicked.

onDragStart: (e: google.maps.MapMouseEvent) => void

This event is fired when the user starts dragging the marker.

onDrag: (e: google.maps.MapMouseEvent) => void

This event is repeatedly fired while the user drags the marker.

onDragEnd: (e: google.maps.MapMouseEvent) => void

This event is fired when the user stops dragging the marker.




A hook that can be used to simplify the connection between a marker and an infowindow. Returns an array containing both a RefCallback that can be passed to the ref-prop of the AdvancedMarker and the value of the ref as state variable to be passed to the anchor prop of the InfoWindow.

import {
} from '';

const MarkerWithInfoWindow = props => {
const [markerRef, marker] = useAdvancedMarkerRef();

return (
<AdvancedMarker position={props.position} ref={markerRef} />
<InfoWindow anchor={marker}>Infowindow Content</InfoWindow>