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<MapControl> Component

The MapControl component can be used to render components into the control-containers of a map instance.

The Maps JavaScript API uses a custom layout algorithm for map controls. While you can add your buttons or whatever controls you need on top of the map canvas, that isn't much of an option when you need to mix built-in controls with your own controls. In this case adding your controls to the map is the best option.

See the official documentation on this topic.


You can add as many MapControl components as you like to any Map, multiple controls for the same position are possible as well.

import {
} from '';

const App = () => (
<APIProvider apiKey={'...'}>
<Map {...mapProps}>
<MapControl position={ControlPosition.TOP_LEFT}>
.. any component here will be added to the control-containers of the
google map instance ..



position: ControlPosition

The position is specified as one of the values of the ControlPosition enum, which is an exact copy of the google.maps.ControlPosition type.